Donor: Fatima Naeimi
Location: Daikundi
Beneficiaries: 120 women and adult girls
Start date: June 1, 2022
Completion date: August 30, 2022



• Numbers of 120 women and adult girls from five villages of Miramor districts attended knitting training.
More than 120 women attended skill-based training on handicraft knitting which was voluntarily conducted by Fatima Naeimi the head of NMAWO in five remote villages of Miramor district of Daikundi province.
The women were attended three months training on knitting to knit sweater, scarf, baby hat, gloves, socks, and slipper. Through this, the new trained women knitted different kinds of hand products and provided in local market to sustain their daily life. They are satisfying with this training to learn income generation skills to increase their incomes. Mrs. Nabila one of the household women from Tagab village saying that we don’t have any skills to find any jobs and currently we are knitting hand products and enabling to collect money for providing handicraft in the local market which is near to us.