Miss. Fatima Naimi

It is a great honor and pleasure to introduce the New Message for Afghan Women Organization (NMAWO) to you. Since its establishment, NMAWO has carried out significant activities in the areas of women's empowerment, human rights and advocacy in central regions of Afghanistan.

The main activities which are carried out by this organization have benefited thousands of people especially women, children and person with disabilities.     By support of national and international partners, the organization has implemented various projects in accordance with raising public awareness in human rights issues, empowering women through starting small businesses enterprises, and engaging community members to active participating in elector al processes.


As a woman who is responsible for the leadership of this organization, I am pleased to work in such an office that not only accepts the principle of inclusiveness and inclusion as one of its basic values, but also encourages and strengthens

This principle to practice. The year of 2022 is an important and vital year for Afghanistan; the new challenges may arise in this year for those organizations which are led by women.

Therefore, I ask our partners to help us in such a difficult time to keep the organization’s activities stable. I also ask the
responsible team members to make efforts for the usage of new strategies to keep the activities sustainable.