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Flooding has wrought widespread devastation in central and eastern Afghan provinces in recent
weeks, washing away thousands of houses and exacerbating the country’s economic and
humanitarian crisis. The official said that 182 people had been killed by floods this month and 250
injured. More than 3,100 houses had been completely destroyed and thousands of livestock killed.
Therefore, Khushi district is one of the most affected areas which badly affected by floods. The
aid workers described widespread destruction from the powerful floods in recent days, with fields
of crops reduced to mud and bodies of dead animals lying in piles.


Around 20,0000 people in the district were affected by flooding and 20 people, including at least
six children, had been killed with two more missing, the UN children’s agency said.

Based on assessment which conducted by NMAWO with close coordination of established Khushi
Flood Committee, around 2194 families have badly affected by floods, people lost their houses,
fields, villages, transportation ways, public services and structures and now they are living under
the tents at new established IDPs