New Message for Afghan Women Organization.

(NMAWO) is a non-governmental, non-profit, non political and independent civil society organization dedicated to the welfare and progress of Afghan citizens with a primary focus on women’s empowerment, human rights, good governance and advocacy.

The organization has been working in women rights issues since establishment while implemented various projects in the areas of women rights, women empowerment, good governance and advocacy to address social, civic and democratic issues at local and national level.



The organization is a well-known institution with good reputation at local and national level. The NMAWO has a head office in Kabul and having sub-office in other provinces of Afghanistan. The NMAWO is a well-known organization in project implementation by receiving several appreciation letters from the society and local government offices, which created a strong context for having the trust of the community with whom we will work and is very significant during implementation of the projects.

The projects, which implemented in Kabul, Bamyan, Ghor and Daikundi provinces named as; Literacy
training courses, honey beekeeping, marketing, celebration of Women International Days, Reduction of
Violence against Women and Protection of Runaway Girls, Women Handicraft Exhibition, Afghan Civic
Engagement Program (ACEP), Enhancement of Community Engagement in Civic Affairs and
Municipality Governance, Restoring Citizen’s Trust on Government Anti-Corruption Reforms, Protection
of Educated and Employed Women, and Supporting Afghan women and girls in a time of COVID19
indicates that the organization is considering the strategic process and each of the project is a part of a

Moreover, the organization has conducted survey, assessment and design of 20 Water Supply Projects in 4 central provinces of Afghanistan, as well as completed the survey, assessment and design of 5 sanitation projects in various hospitals of Kabul province.

NMAWO has also developed its partnership with national and international networks includes; Afghanistan Civil Society Forum organization (ACSFo), Afghan Civil Society Election Network (ACSEN), Local Governance Initiative Network (LOGIN ASIA), Environment Natural Resource Monitoring Network (ENRMN) and National Advocacy Committee (NAC). 

NMAWO has a democratic structure that consisted of three boards where Management Board is the high decision-making and implementer body and accountable against Board of Directors, as well as, the Board of Directors is supporting the organization with fundraising and leading the organization strategically. Although, the Advisory Board consisted of professional people and provides the organization with technical and specialized supports.





Address: House #80, Street #5, Pol-e- Shorkh, Kart-e 3, district #6, Kabul, Afghanistan



Address: House #10, Street #43, Plan 3, Opposite Shumsull Arifien high School, District #2 Ghazni Afghanistan



Address: Nili-District 2, Shahrak, Zardni, House number 2.



Address: Bamyan, New City, Dasht-e Esa Khan, Jamat Khana Road, Female Dormitiry street for normal school, Next to AKAH Office